Jumped on the Bandwagon!


You guys. I have been dying to try a pair of Rothy’s for AT LEAST a year, ever since a Facebook friend of mine raved about them. I held off because they are way more money than I normally spend on shoes (I’m kinda a Target/DSW clearance type girl) but this past fall I finally jumped on the Rothy’s Bandwagon.

LET ME TELL YOU, they are worth every.single.penny. I mean, they are

  1. adorable and come in tons of fun prints and colors
  2. comfy, although we can talk about sizing in a minute
  3. environmentally friendly – made from recycled water bottles!

OK, so here’s the deal:

I used a friend’s promo code to save $20 off my first purchase AND used ebates to get some money back. All in all my first Rothy’s purchase cost under $100 with free shipping. Not tooooo bad. But seriously, how cute are these little leopard print feet?!

Now here’s where it gets good: Rothy’s has an AMAZING customer referral program, so you can tell all your friends how great they are and stack your referral points. Every time someone uses your code to buy shoes, you get $20 added to your account! I earned enough that I got a FREE pair of loafers – seriously! There are a few catches (Do NOT post on coupon sites or you will get your account blocked) and you can only earn so many rewards each month, but it’s totally worth a try to get a discounted pair of shoes!

Now, SIZING. I found my rounded toes to be true to size, even a tad loose, and I have big, wide feet. So when I ordered my second pair (loafers this time) I ordered the same size. These were way too tight on me. I had to exchange them for a half size bigger. Keep this in mind and read some reviews before you make your order.

All right, that’s my review for today! If you’re ready to try a pair yourself, feel free to use my code for $20 off your first purchase AND get free shipping and returns! https://share.rothys.com/x/fhi2sx

Feel free to share your own Rothy’s experiences (and referral codes) in the comments below!

$30 Savings?! Yes please!

I just realized that if you use this link https://go.ebat.es/BETSYS772?eeid=37137 for Rakuten AND the code FRIENDS-SNKPK4 at Rothys, you could save 30 DOLLARS on your first pair of shoes. ($20 at Rothys and $10 cash back at Rakuten)

PLUS, you get free shipping and returns, so it makes the perfect gift. Just sayin.

How stinkin Cute are these New Rothys?!

Y’all. It may be record-freezing temps around here but nothing will stop me from wearing my rothys! Ok, maybe if we get more snow (another 3 inches expected tomorrow! Wah!).


Here’s a new link if you’d like to try a pair! Save $20 and get free shipping! https://share.rothys.com/x/C6b7G3

These babies are adorable and comfortable and perfect for fall (if it would ever come back. Dang winter weather).

Sizing / Fit / Blisters

Hi Rothy’s Fans!

Question for you – do your Rothy’s give you blisters? How long did it take to “break them in”?

I LOVE my rounded toes, and those have been pretty comfy since day 1, but I do get rubbed a bit on the back of my ankle if I wear them too long. I ordered my normal size (8) and they don’t feel too small.

I’d love to hear your feedback on the size/fit of your Rothy’s in the comments!